At The Rush, the idea that success leads to further success becomes a rewarding reality for so many of our members. We invite you to read their stories, told in their own words. We believe that you will be inspired; learn that change is possible; discover that fun and fitness do belong together; and that where you work out does make a difference.

Has working out at the Rush impacted you in a positive way? Have you had a great experience with one of the Rush Team members that you would like to brag about? Let us know at

Your story just may be the spark someone out there needs to make a change for the better!

Rush Success Story: Stephen Floyd

In late May my wife brought home a new scale. She had plans to shed some unwanted pounds and wanted to include me. I wasn’t interested to say the least. Anyway after some encouragement I took my turn and was shocked to see what the scale had to say. In big bold numbers it said 289lbs. I was embarrassed and ashamed. A day or two later we stopped by the Rush and signed up. Now it is July 31 and after lots of cardio and utilizing the weights I weighed in at 255lbs. Although I am not where I want to ultimately be it is a good start.
Thanks Rush for all the support.
Stephen Floyd
Chapman Highway Rush

Success at Randleman Rush Fitness Complex

I want to express appreciation to a great team and staff at the Rush Fitness complex on Randleman Road in Greensboro, N.C.  I once traveled a lot ,spent a lot of times in resort towns, and was once a member of  Gold’s Gym so I have had a lot of experience with gyms in a wide variety of areas.


When I was sent to the office where I am employed,  I began in a sedentary life style which included eating fast foods. I spent long hours sitting at and computer all day  and my health deteriorated.  I am now  a 64 year old man who had some “ health issues” when I joined Rush two years ago. What prompted me to join the gym was heart beat irregularity, border sugar “issues” , borderline blood pressure and a bad chloresterol  count.  I discovered all this when I was  referred to a heart specialist. I began to pray to God to help me.  When I joined the gym here, I had so much obesity and shortness of breath that any exercise regimen was difficult. Almost immediately, I noticed that most of the staff here was genuinely concerned about my needs. Jason Choate the fitness manager and Dustin Lucas, in particular encouraged me almost every day . Jason asked me about my goals. Ron Corbett (spin instructor)  actually showed me routines to try and suggested “spin,”  and swimming in the pool. Other trainers suggested  classes like strength and Zumba . There were tips from several about warming up and about stretching before and after the routine.  I sweat a lot and more than one of the staff cautioned me to drink plenty of water. Wes Willaims , Ron Corbett, and Dustin Lucas always answered questions I had about routines, machines  and muscle groups, etc.


After I began to gain some stamina,  we talked about some fitness goals and my first trainer was Bethany who now teaches school. I could have chosen almost any of the trainers , as I has watched all of them work with clients. They were all well trained, friendly and professional. In addition to these traits Bethany was energetic, focused, upbeat, informed and very knowledgeable. She worked my entire body…and explained about how to trick my muscle groups by varying routines. My strength  and stamina took a quantum leap during this training but I did not lose any weight. Several  trainers had tried to be subtle about my diet, but Bethany discussed in detail about my eating and drinking habits.


After that session, I decided to make a lifestyle eating and drinking change and at the same time used the exercise techniques Ron Corbett , Bethany and other fitness trainers  suggested. I also watched Wes Williams and Dustin Lucas train others because they were really knowledgeable and professional. All of these trainers were concerned about everyone who came into the gym and especially encouraged we” regulars”. Everyone in the gym staff was friendly, but especially Dustin Lucas,  Ron Corbett, We Williams ,Jason Choate, and Rasheed Gainey. I actually noticed everyone in the gym was friendly and courteous to each other unlike my previous experiences at other gyms. I think this was contagious throughout the gym because of the staff’s examples. We “regulars” began to encourage each other and the newcomers too.


After Jason asked me about my goals again( others above had too) I told him I was focusing on a diet change and when I felt I had a good  diet regimen I wanted to lose 25 pounds with another trainer. During this life style change eating change,  I noticed my stamina increased even more! During this time, I received a lot of encouragement from Dustin, Jason, Ron, and Wes in particular. I think they noticed a higher gear in my training routine. I noticed they also encouraged some of my friends in the gym the same way. Whether we were in spin, water Zumba, regular Zumba, strength or any class we all received the same kind of friendly, encouraging and upbeat information from these instructors,  just like the trainers I mentioned!  And I might add I enjoyed all these group classes. It took me three or four months to get my eating and drinking habits changed. And I felt like God was moving me to get a trainer again.


Like I said, all the training staff were qualified to train me from my observations. I was free on Monday and Wednesday night. I talked to Jason about my schedule.  I liked Dustin, Ron and Wes…and Rasheed. Rasheed seemed to be doing mostly group. I did not see Dustin, Ron and Wes every Monday and Wednesday.  Bethany was teaching school now.


Suddenly a new enthusiastic, friendly and professional trainer appeared named Lori Pennala. She saw me working out and asked the same kind of questions all the others I have mentioned. These questions like …..goals, routine etc. I told her that I needed help on Monday and Wednesday. She and Jason talked.   Jason and I signed up for Lori on Monday and Wednesday for 25 lessons. My goal was to lose 25 pounds…about a pound a session. She was everything Bethany was: well trained, friendly ,professional,  energetic, focused, upbeat, informed and very knowledgeable.   In addition to intense routines on all muscle groups, Lori gave me a modification to my diet. Actually, it was an addition of 2 snacks a day with fruits, vegetables, or small protein portions.  It was a very balanced diet. Many others in the gym received the same attention I was receiving…even though our goals differed. All the trainers  in the gym seemed to be  adapting routines to our schedules and our individual needs. Lori’s training did not end with the 25 sessions and the encouragement from Dustin, Wes, Ron and Jason was constant as well. She would approach me on the other days I was in the gym and ask me about my routines when I was working alone.. and about how the diet was going. She would greet me every time she saw me ,even when she was not training me…but so would the others above. Quickly, my family , friends and co-workers began to notice the progress. So did my heart doctor and he said to me “This is impressive…whatever you are doing…keep at it.” . All of the following vitals were normal during this check up and they still are!  My pulse went to 60 from 80-120. My blood pressure went to normal from borderline. My chloresterol was cut in half.  I had been taking Lipitor and a beta blocker for my circulatory system. I am off all those medications now. I only take a baby aspirin daily with Omega fish oil twice daily!  My waist went from 40 to 36. And yes, we this team ,   God and I lost 27 pounds! I read your goals and mission on a poster in the back of the gym. I was once a teacher 45 years ago and I give you all an A+ in achieving your mission.


God bless and thanks for helping me make a life style change


I thank my Father in heaven for bringing me to this “Rush.”



Chris Williamson

I joined The Rush in late August of this year. I was 251 lbs and in poor health. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I started with a Water Aerobics class three times a week. I remember how excited I was to lose five pounds. I continued to take the class and added walking on the treadmill once a week. Soon I was working out on elliptical machines as well. The classes kept me motivated and I was losing weight every week. Almost five months later I have lost 55 lbs. I am running 4 miles a day. Still taking Water Aerobics and added Yoga classes to the mix. I am off cholesterol and blood pressure medications and my diabetes is under control. I don’t think I could have done it without The Rush providing me with a community of people who want to live healthier and happier lives.

Leigh Hilliard

I lost 40 lbs. in one year by dieting responsibly, running, and by going to the RUSH gym at least 4 days a week for the first 8 months of my fitness blast! I MAJORLY owe my weight loss and super fit body to Julie who teaches TURBO KICK and Erin who teaches Core. Both teach at the Patton location and I LOVE them! Thanks you so much RUSH. Since I now love to run outside so much and have killer Pilates videos at home, I now only attend the gym once a week for only a 1/2 hour for Rush Core with Erin. I went from 165 lbs to 125 lbs, from a size 12 to 0 !! I have a six pack and sculpted arms. So exciting!!

Another Rush Success Story: Benny Garcia


It was during a visit to the doctor’s office in May 2011 that made me realize how seriously I was in bad health. I weighed 223 lbs, my BFI was +35% and suffering from a series of health conditions such as lower back pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol resulting from months of lack of exercise and eating fast food. My physician expressed his concerns and strongly recommended that I take the necessary steps towards a healthier lifestyle otherwise my overall wellness would continue to decline to a point that could potentially place my heart at risk in a few years.


I began my journey conservatively knowing that the changes I needed to make had to become a permanent part of my life. First I began by taking walks at the park that helped me become active and mobile again. Afterwards I enrolled at my local gym than began working with a professional fitness coach who developed an effective exercise regiment for me that incorporated stability, strength and power training. Over the following months I slowly began noticing how my weight dropping, muscles were building and workouts growing longer each day. Further personal training, daily fitness programs and adapting an “eating clean” diet influenced by Tosca Reno propelled my progress over the course of 2012 into 2013.


Now at age 41, I weigh in at 154 lbs with a BFI average of 20% and no longer plagued by the health issues that were of concern during the fateful doctor’s visit in May 2011. Everyone in my life is amazed of what I was able to accomplish and seldom does a day go by where I do not find myself receiving compliments from family, friends or colleagues. I currently train with my personal fitness coach and kick boxing instructor, Amna Collins twice a week, attend daily group workouts and regularly participate in recreational activities such as kick boxing and rock climbing to fuel my passion in living an energetic and healthier life. My self confidence is at its highest peak and I am constantly discovering new challenges to help me reach my fullest potential. There is still much for me to learn as I continue this journey however I am confident that with hard work and enthusiasm there is no limit as to what I can achieve.


“Start slow but look at each step as progress”. Many times especially at the beginning of a new year people make it their resolution to lose weight by aggressively tackling this challenge for quick results however all too often lose motivation or abandoning their commitment once a goal is reached. Making gradual changes for adopting and maintaining lifelong healthier habits is an investment in you that shall never fail to offer a return.

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