Activate your life! All it takes is 60 minutes to increase your cardio using the step, strengthen with dumbbells and improve balance and flexibility. Get more out of life, get Rush Active!

Redefine yourself with Rush Centergy. Journey through 60 minutes of pilates and yoga inspired moves to smile, stretch and discover a new mind body connection. Discover Rush Centergy.

Get a move on! 60 minutes of club, urban, and Latin dance moves to shimmy, shake, and sweat away calories. Move it and groove it with Rush Groove!

Everyone finishes first in Rush Ride! Chase the pack, roll over hills, spin for endurance, and climb mountains in 60 minutes as you strengthen your lower body. Get your ride on with Rush Ride!

Discover new heights! This 60 minute cardio class uses the step to shape the lower body one step at a time. This ain’t your momma’s step class. Step the Rush way with Rush Step!

This is your hour of Power! 60 minutes to lunge, squat, press, and work all of the majo¬¬r muscle groups. Discover results, discover Rush Power!

Rush Kick brings it on! 60 minutes to fuse martial arts and boxing into one fun filled butt kicking class. Rush Kick will knock you out!

Reach your peak! Train your entire core from your shoulders to ripped abs to your hips in only 30 minutes. Get hard core with Rush Core!

60 minutes of Small Group Training designed to enhance your strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness to levels you never thought possible!
*Fee Based Program

Forget the gimmicks and infomercials, abs are created, not bought. Work on your 6-pack, low back and core muscles in 30 minutes. Do you want to get that washboard stomach-ABSolutely!

Everybody dance now! Cardio Dance brings belly dancing, salsa, ball room, and even a little “cardio tease” to the GX room. Pick your flavor and start dancing with Cardio Dance!

Make a splash with Water Works! Hit the pool to improve flexibility, range of motion, and tone muscles without hurting joints. Work it with Water Works!

Get fired up! This action-packed 50 minutes of intense bouts of cardio drills will leave you drenched in sweat. Cardio Fuel will empty your gas tank!

Exercise ADD? Circuit class keeps the work out moving from station to station for a pulse pounding strength- and cardio-based workout. Short bouts equal long lasting benefits in Rush Circuit!

It’s like riding a bike! Just add an intense 50 minutes of hills, sprints, climbs and jumps. Rush Cycle is indoor cycling at its best!

Dive into a new you! Fitness swim trains your endurance with laps and drills while toning and defining your body in ways you’ve never seen before. Get your feet wet and try Fitness Swim!

Kick your workout into a faster gear! Dance meets kickboxing in this fun, perfectly choreographed cardiovascular challenge. Get a kick out of Turbo Kick!

How strong is your “power house?” Rush Pilates brings all the principals of contemporary mat Pilates-concentration, control, centering, precision, and breathing— into a core rocking workout. Discover the power within yourself with Pilates.

The thong leotard has come and gone, but Step is here to stay! Charleston, corner to corner, basic, over the top, no matter how you step it, Step is an awesome cardiovascular workout. Take the next step in increasing your physical fitness with Step!

Got strength? Everything you need in 50 minutes using bands, balls, and dumbbells. The Rush has Strength, come and get it!

Use it or lose! Flexibility is one of the 4 components of physical fitness along with Cardiovascular endurance, Strength, and Nutrition. Reap all the benefits of a well-rounded exercise routine with a Rush Stretch class.

Let’s get ready to rumble! Knockout brings all the best boxing has to offer in 50 fun-filled minutes. Have no doubt, Rush Knockout with knock you out!

Join the party! Zumba is the dance fitness sensation hitting the nation with Latin dance moves and international beats. Ditch your boring routine and party yourself into shape with Zumba!

Regardless of the season, it’s always time for a pool party! Aqua Zumba brings all the fun of land Zumba and blends it into a safe, challenging, water-based workout. Aqua Zumba is exhilarating beyond belief!

The Rush knows "root yuj" Yoga utilizes postures to bring physical and mental awareness to the body. Practice makes perfect, practice Rush Yoga.

Train like an athlete in Sports Camp! You'll use drills, high intensity work, and cardio and strength training. Who needs two a days? What you need is 50 minutes of Sports Camp!

Walk, run, incline for 25 minutes then 25 minutes of weight training